About Setsuko

Setsuko Hata is a multifaceted artist from Osaka Japan and her talents span across the realms of jazz singing, songwriting, composition, and arrangement.  Her remarkable musical journey began when she followed her passion for music to the United States in 2011. 

Setsuko's musical journey began with a bachelor's degree in jazz voice from New York City College, where she made her mark at iconic venues such as the Metropolitan Room, Tomi Jazz, and The Bitter End. But her music transcends mere entertainment; it's a powerful instrument for spreading joy and hope. She dedicated herself to weekly charity concerts at Mount Sinai Hospital and Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, making a positive impact through her art. 

Upon her relocation to Los Angeles, Setsuko's commitment to social causes found a home in the form of the 501c(3) nonprofit organization, "We Are From The Earth (WAFTE)." Through WAFTE, she channels the transformative power of music to raise social awareness and inspire conscious living, hosting a myriad of community events and workshops. 

Setsuko's journey reached new heights with the attainment of a master's degree in jazz voice and composition from the University of Northern Colorado. Currently based in Los Angeles, her compositions span a wide spectrum, from classical orchestral pieces to film scores and jazz big band music. 

Keep eye on Setsuko who brings passion, purpose, and artistic versatility together to inspire the world.